Does anyone think in black and white?

Less than 5 hours from now, I’ll be getting ready for another day in the world of Hannah. So naturally, my brain is going a mile a minute and I’m sitting here having lost a debate with sleep. With too many things on my mind to simply list out, I’ll start with the one weighingContinue reading “Does anyone think in black and white?”

Unashamedly taking a step back

Life can get overwhelming…quickly. Whether you’re working too much or not enough, have bills swallowing you or a fully-furnished apartment equipped with cable and internet, it’s easy to get caught up and suddenly realize you’re in way over your head and need time to breathe. Life in 2017 America is fullĀ of pressure: pressure to beContinue reading “Unashamedly taking a step back”

What is life without a bucket list?

Overanalyzing my own way of thinking, I often wonder how others think. Not so much as to how their thought processes go, but more so their free thinking. I’ve always been a daydreamer; I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t let my mind wander to far places on any given day. These middayContinue reading “What is life without a bucket list?”