Be Your Own Cheerleader

You have to show up every day for YOU. Because the thing is, you can only fill everyone else’s cup for so long until yours runs dry.

Simply Healthy Fried Shrimp

Delicious, simple, healthy. My latest kitchen concoction: air-fried shrimp. keto, gluten free, dairy free.

Shift Your Mindset, Elevate Your Lifestyle in 10 Days

Ten days. That’s all it takes to reset your mindset and shift into better living. How? It’s simple! Join me in the 10 day challenge. But, before I even get into the details, just look at my results from my latest 10 day challenge⤵️ I’ve been eating clean and exercising moderately for 10 monthsContinue reading “Shift Your Mindset, Elevate Your Lifestyle in 10 Days”