Are you the one holding yourself back?


Sit and think for a minute – why have you been struggling, why are you behind in school, why are you feeling defeated, why is acting defensive your instinctual reaction to everyone?

Because YOU are in the way of YOURSELF. You heard me!

You are the one who is causing the internal struggles you face. You are the one telling yourself to listen to the haters, to compare yourself to others. You are the one holding yourself back from greatness.

I’ve been struggling mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for a few years now. Honesty and openness about my health issues has helped me grow and heal tremendously. Being self aware is hard work and I’m compelled to share that enlightenment with y’all.

No matter your situation, there is room for a mindset change. Environment plays a huge part in your overall wellbeing, and yes, sometimes there are circumstances that are unavoidable. BUT – you are in charge of your mindset. Nobody can take that away from you.

Try to dive deep into your mind and think about how you got to your breakdown. Why you freaked out at that coworker. Where you can learn, improve and grow.

If you truly believe you’re in control, you ARE. It’s as simple as that. Love and light to you all, wherever you may be on your journey.



Published by healthyhannahchristine

I'm Hannah, a 28-year-old Dallasite who loves all things dogs, travel, music, health & wellness, creative content and so much more. Recently took back control of my life and I've never felt better! Healed myself from the inside out and sharing just how I've done so with you.

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