4 AIP-friendly meals made to satisfy

Following a strict diet/meal plan can be challenging.

Maybe you feel like you eat the same thing every. single. meal. Or, maybe you feel SO restricted you’re scared to try anything other than a chicken breast and broccoli.

Ever since my HS diagnosis, I’ve been hyper-focused on what I’m putting in my body. But don’t be fooled – I’m OBSESSED with food, y’all. Like, I come from a family who loves food. I plan vacations solely on the food we get to eat. You get the drill.

So, when I went no-gluten/no-dairy and low-carb, I wasn’t ready to give up the yummy flavorful foods I’ve loved. BUT guess what – I didn’t have to! As soon as you start educating yourself on the alternatives for ingredients you’re used to, a whole new world opens up.

Below are 4 fairly easy meals that are packed with flavor, minimal on prep and fall into AIP pretty well.

This is the perfect packable lunch! Meal prep can get boring, and some days you don’t want a hot meal and you’d rather have some snack-type foods. Go with the lunchable, never fails.
While this isn’t the prettiest dish, it’s certainly full of flavor and nutrients!
*note: I know cornstarch isn’t paleo, but I didn’t have arrowroot powder. If you’re strict paleo, swap the cornstarch for arrowroot.*
This is honestly so simple but so delish, it’s a staple in my house. I used pre-cooked sausage patties to save time, but you can also use your own and brown before putting in the casserole.

While you’ve probably seen a dozen versions of each of these dishes, this was my take on yummy classics while following MY version of AIP. Yes, I know tomatoes aren’t typical AIP (nightshade), but I haven’t found them to be one of my triggers.

A few things to keep in mind: I always try to buy organic/grass-fed meats when I can. Definitely get the cleanest ingredients possible when it comes to your meats. Also, Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning is life-changing. Like y’all, you gotta go get yourself some NOW. For those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to have a local TJ’s, they sell it on Amazon.

Another staple in my fridge/pantry is Nutpods original flavor. I love to use their fun flavors for my morning coffee, but the original is so thick and creamy it’s the best alternative I can find for heavy whipping cream or half and half! Must try. You can order on Amazon at the link above, or they sell them at select health food stores AND NOW Target.

Hope you enjoy these dishes! Drop recipes ideas below. Let’s share the wealth of knowledge.



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I'm Hannah, a 28-year-old Dallasite who loves all things dogs, travel, music, health & wellness, creative content and so much more. Recently took back control of my life and I've never felt better! Healed myself from the inside out and sharing just how I've done so with you.

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